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Perceived artificiality, plastic aesthetics and ruthless. - but does it float

jan dibbets

Jan DibbetsWork from Perspective Correction, Land and Sea Horizons, and Windows.New York Times article here."The camera records something quite different from

andrewharlow: Jan DibbetsLand-Sea Horizon 1, 2, 2011Colour photo-collage withpencil, mounted onto board

andrewharlow: “ Jan Dibbets Land-Sea Horizon 2011 Colour photo-collage withpencil, mounted onto board ”

Dutch Conceptual Artist Jan Dibbets

Landscape architecture is a vital and well-established field, so it is somewhat surprising that while plenty of museums put on architecture exhibitions, few .

Jan Dibbets

Jan Dibbets // eight contemporary artists // MOMA // 1974 (actual work not shown) Saenredam-Zadkine II et VII, 2003 Photographie couleur et crayon sur papier

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