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Meer ideeën van Reisbrigade

We took this picture of incense hanging from the ceiling at the Quan Cong temple in Hoi An. Founded in 1653, this small temple is dedicated to Quan Cong, an esteemed Chinese general. Besides two wooden statues, inside the temple there is also a small pond. When arriving or before leaving the port, ships and boats used to come to this temple to make votive offerings to thank the genie or to pray for luck in their trips.

When in Kuala Lumpur, you can't miss the Petronas Twin Towers. If you want to visit them, go early mornings so you don't have to queue so long.

Yesterday I was at the Seychelles Islands Escapades Roadshow by @seychellestravel. Learned a lot about truly amazing hotels and enjoyed some excellent food in a great setting. Now exploring all the brochures and looking at my pictures from when I was there. Thank you all for the pleasant evening.

Weaverbirds making a nest in Tanzania, Lake Natron.

Addo Elephant Park is famous for it's many, many elephants. Unfortunately, we were not so lucky and only saw 3 elephants that day. This one was the first we saw.

The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand! I will never forget this place. It's really a beautiful, serene place in hectic Bangkok. I also do remember that I was very surprised about the fact that so many Asian people wanted to take a picture with us. And after the visit we got in the middle of a typical Thai scam, but that's another story. ;-)

I have been many times to Tanzania, but never climbed this one .... yet. Ol Donyo Lengai is the Mountain of God for the Maasai and still on my bucketlist.

Part two of our adventures with the little one in South-Africa.

Reisbrigade went on a study trip in May 2016. We went to a big tourism fair called Indaba in Durban. Before we discovered the Wild Coast and afterwards we went on an educational on the #RovosRail. Great experience!

Karin Kesteloo is a good friend of mine. She is a tour manager for group travel. Read more about her adventures on the #lesserSunda.