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Did you know you can re-grow celery from the bottom piece you cut off? Just chop it off, set it in a saucer of water, and in the next day or so, plant it in the garden. Within days celery shoots are growing. You may never have to buy celery again! from ChicksintheRoad - #garden #gardening #celery #growing #sprouting #propagation #vegetable - tå√

Re-Growing Celery -- you can grow another complete celery stalk from the bottom piece that you cut off. I did this with green onions and it totally worked. We'll see if it works the same.

Like that is not the typical letters EVERYONE has, its not a orginal idea but the execution of it is kind of original :)

Hi, I'm Brandon. I love building simple, beautiful things out of pallet wood. Pallet University is all about simplifying that process. I'll show you how to make this pallet desk and more.

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