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Thats probably why I like "How I Met Your Mother" so much ...

Funny pictures about Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother. Oh, and cool pics about Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother. Also, Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother photos.

Not sure where to put this, but true love is where it is at!

This is so beautiful, and yet the sadness in his eyes speaks volumes to the damage his parents are doing. I love that he has found happiness despite his parents.<<< i love that He calls their cat spoiled

hahaha thats hilarious

Love this.bahahaha♡ Awesome, serves that prejudicial ass-clown right! It fits the picture is a lie to them as their religion is to everyone!

Lol. This is so true.

Shit Students Say. how many have you heard say these? >In school to be a teacher >Middle school student teacher, history class >Was asked if they could use calculator on test >What? Student School S

One of the only reasons I'd teach high school would be that they would get my sense of humor.  I'd love to do this!

Best Teacher Ever. hahaha this is probably something I would do if I was a teacher, and u would just be like, "so not really feeling the hole teaching school thing, so im gonna teach you how to hav a life, plz leave and hav a nice day.