Half Self-Portraits Project by Hannah's Art Club. - Art is a Way

-MOLLY: I could take a portrait of each child on Tuesday to print out for Wednesday or Thursday. Half Self-Portraits Project by Hannah's Art Club. - Art is a Way

Fun idea for K.. shape and pattern. Maybe instead of my painted houses?

Susan, This would be a fun art project! We could have the kids make one for Mother& Day with a family photo in the hole.

Winter tekening warme chocomel

winter portraits - I like this alternative to drawing the face as the only way to make a portrait or self-portrait. I don't really like that it seems to be directional drawing as they all look the same.

Teaching Fourth: Mitten Art. Cute, adorable, easy! It does not take many supplies to make these cute mittens. Your students will enjoy these mittens.

Mitten Art

Mitten patterning art - trace mitten w white, draw and colour pattern with dark crayon, glue on snowflake, add snow background

Little Dog Art Blog: 5th Grade Winter Fox Paintings

Could do two art lessons, foreground pastel fox, background shadow winter forest. Glue together, and add acrylic snowflakes over top.

Sneeuwpop 3 cirkels in verschillende grootte. Dikke rand wasco eromheen en naar binnen vegen. De cirkels met een blokje ertussen op elkaar plakken

Aerial View Snowmen

Do you want to build a snowman or in this case paint or create a snowman? Then take a look at these 10 gorgeous Snowman Art Projects. 10 Snowman Art Projects for Cold Wintry Afternoons Melted Snow…

A cup of hot tea

A cup of hot tea (krokotak)

Kids Artists: grade 3 Writing a descriptive on catching a snowflake!

Use a cotton ball in the mouth to make it look like the character really caught a snowflake!

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ARTventurous: Reindeer Portraits Step-by-Step directions! Could have template of shapes ready and make it a puzzle for the kiddos, then could add all sorts of unique colors and add-ons to make them individualized!