lzoria Green, the "Turtle Girl" had 24 fingers and toes and was twice married***

Previous pinner wrote: lzoria Green, the "Turtle Girl" had 24 fingers and toes and was twice married. And yet im still single, wtf?

1881 Cabinet Card Photo of Famous Victorian Sideshow performers Tom Thumb and Wife

An 1881 cabinet card of Victorian sideshow and circus personality General Tom Thumb posing with his wife. Photographer was the famous Bogardus studio in New York city.

Joseph Merrick, a 19th century sideshow performer, was the victim of a condition beyond words. While many sideshow entertainers retain the ability to speak, smile, or look half-way normal in the face (or at least some part of their body), Elephant Man Joseph Merrick, the British runaway and lifelong carnie, was deformed beyond human identification. Although he may have appeared to have both arms and legs, Merrick’s rampant congenital disorder caused abnormal growths to occur all over his…

Top 10 Freak Show Acts Of All Time

Joseph Carey Merrick August 1862 – 11 April sometimes incorrectly referred to as John Merrick, was an English man with severe deformities who was exhibited as a human curiosity named the Elephant Man.

Barney (born 1827) and his older brother Hiram were two mentally impaired dwarves who were born and raised on an Ohio farm.  Despite their tiny size:said to stand 4o inches and weigh 45 lbs. Farm labor had made them strong, endowing them with the ability to lift heavy weights (up to 300 lbs) They were given the stage names Waino and Plutanor, two gentlemen from the exotic land of Borneo. Years later, they were hired for P.T. Barnum’s travelling shows. Hiram passed way in 1905; Barney in…

Barney (born and his older brother Hiram were two mentally impaired…

Captivating: A 26-month-old hairy baby was one of the attractions on show at the freak circuses around the mid-1800s in New York along with four-legged Myrtle Corbin, who had two sets of female genitalia

Dog-faced boy, four-legged Myrtle and the man with elastic skin: Bizarre photographs show why 19th-century audiences were captivated by carnival freaks

Monkey boy. approx 1890

Sideshow Freak Necklace Gentleman and Wolf Child Banner Art Weird Surreal Vintage Circus Style Freakshow Circus

ca. 1890-1900, Reverend Eavens, a man with a hole in his chest.  There are no details on what caused the hole.

[cabinet card portrait of “Reverend Eavens, a man with a hole in his chest” Bell via the Wellcome Collection, Iconographic Collections

The Story of Zana the Wild Woman: In 1850, local village men find a 'wild-woman' not quite human, but not quite ape. They tamed her, apparently impregnated her and although she never learned to speak, only mutter and gesture, she developed a fondness for wine and would often drink herself insensible.Zana's children were said to be dark-skinned, very strong and slightly strange looking, but despite some unusual psychological features, could learn, and speak and were regarded as relatively…

The Story of Zana the Russian Neanderthal Found in 1850

DNA Evidence Suggests Captured Russian Ape Woman Might Have been Subspecies of Modern Human

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WHITE & BLACK TWINS    	 Offspring of colored parents, 12 years of age 2nd day  of May, 1868,  as exhibited at  BURNELL'S  MUSEUM,  Fifth  Street,  opposite Old Theatre, Pittsburgh, Pa.   L.A.Phillips......................................Photographer

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