vintage boudoir portrait

'Reflection Flapper', A beautiful image of a woman wearing the new invention, the Silk Lingerie.

Victorian prostitute

The corset originated centuries ago. It is a tight-fitting garment worn to mold the body into a shape desired by women for beauty, or by a Doctor for orthopaedic purposes. A corset is either used for the time being so you can fit into your garment.

♪♪ In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking.... ♫

Old fashioned love i want a romance like this. vintage clothes, rowboat, romantic boy, love it all. I particularly like the leg over the oar!

French Naughty 1920s Postcard

French Naughty Postcard I wonder if this photo even makes the guys nowadays.

Lipstick and legs, French postcard c1925

Vintage lingerie (winter and Prohibition gave rise to the flapper girl and the speak easy and Jazz. The Roaring twenties culminated in the stock market crash of Oct 29 1929 named Black Friday.


FLAPPERS They wore excessive makeup, drank alcohol, treated sex in a casual manner, smoked cigarettes, drove automobiles and otherwise flouted social and sexual norms.