Chain Mail

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Pin chain mail here, weather it's wierd, or horrifying, it all works.

Had enough bad luck for a year don't want anymore<---- Ugh I don't think this is true but JUST IN CASE Look Here, Look At You, Just Do It, Just In Case, Told You So, Teen Posts, Teenager Posts, Chain Messages, Daughter Of God

Single Women; Noble Daughters of God

"We have special admiration for the unsung but unsullied single women among whom are some of the noblest daughters of God. These sisters know that God loves them, individually and distinctly. They make wise career choices even though they cannot now have the most choice career. Though in their second estate they do not have their first desire, they still overcome the world. These sisters who cannot now enrich the institution of their own marriage so often enrich other institutions in…

I hate these 'cos I really don't believe in these, but I still have to post, just in case :s ; Just Do It, Just In Case, Look Here, I Love Mom, All Family, Scary Stories, It Goes On, My Tumblr, Faith In Humanity

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Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown With This Little Trick

WHOA WAIT WHAT IT DISAPPEARED WHAT GUYS OH MY GOSH (sorry its not mlp related i just wanted to share)

I think this isn't true, but it scared me so I did it just in case! Tumblr Stuff, My Tumblr, Tumblr Posts, Tumblr Funny, The Awkward Yeti, Chain Messages, Thing 1, Faith In Humanity, Text Posts

Not taking no chances.>>>>I know this is stupid and not true but my brain is like telling me to do it. I'm sorry