Maakt verbinding met haar innerlijk kind en voed en healt zichzelf

¥UIMA/Ukrainian artist Alexander Milov delighted Burning Man's festival-goers with a piece that allowed them to reconnect with their inner child.

"Een moeder is een lichtje dat nooit dooft in je hart en in je hoofd."

"Een moeder is een lichtje dat nooit dooft in je hart en in je hoofd."


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Moeder en Kind relatie

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inner child

How to Transform Your Life by Letting Your Inner Child Out

Kijkt naar films die haar bewustzijn vergroten. Neemt niet alles voor zoete koek,

Vibrational Manifestation - The Secret ~ Law of Attraction. - My long term illness is finally going away, and I think I might have found the love of my life.

Moeder en dochter liefde!

[] Natalia Vodianova & her family by Mario Testino for Vogue US November This is the best mom and daughter shoot I have ever seen. It is so beautiful

Embrace your inner child and allow her or him their expression so you can experience healing on a deeper level than you knew possible xxx

Healing My inner child, an incredibly healing mediation - esp helpful for those of us who like to think our way though life (most of us due to pressures to not really feel what we truly feel; no one knows your authenticity better than your inner child)

Why is this child so perfect

Farewell letter from

Ik sla mijn vleugels om kinderen en voed ze met liefde

He will cover you with His feathers and His faithfulness will be your shield, Psalm // Amen

This is my story of recovery from Domestic and childhood abuse.

A sociopath hates to be confronted about their lies. The lie is their cover. It is the cloak that a sociopath wears as a mask to the outside world. A sociopath hides behind its lies. Lies give them. | Licht en liefde, Marie-Claire van der Bruggen | | Licht en liefde, Marie-Claire van der Bruggen |