Truola Sweet Temptation

“It’s good to be “bad” sometimes, well just a little bit. At Truola our idea of “bad” is a sweet tooth. Although you’ll find that these pins come with sweet ideas, you’ll be able to adjust the “badness” to your liking on our website . And if you look at the fresh ingredients used to make the recipes, they’re only “bad” from an awesome flavor perspective. So my sweetness, give into your temptation and enjoy our pins; have a look at our website as well,
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Surinaamse maïskoekjes
Majestic Vanilla Pavlova
Majestic Vanilla Pavlova
Red smothered desert pears
Granny's Victoria sponge
Creamy & hot caramel sauce
Ginger & Spice Wafers
Cannoli with Ricotta filling
Cannoli with Ricotta filling
Chocolate Crush tumbler