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I used to think that way before but now i've realized that i m just missing out on things everyone had a chance to experience. I m gonna treasure everything i get in my life from now on. Every. Little. Thing.

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love is a letter sent thousands of times.

photos. videos. stories. songs. and everything else. basically, all the things about love. my name is amanda and i love everything that has got something to do with love. welcome to love is a letter sent thousands of times - everybodys lovestory. remember to submit thing you want to see on love...

― Respire Sarah: I gave you everything.but you judge and think you deserve better. Citations Film, You Deserve Better, Movie Lines, Film Quotes, Famous Movie Quotes, Quote Aesthetic, Mood Quotes, Songs, Thoughts

Anamorphosis and Isolate

― Respire (2014) Sarah: I gave you everything...but you judge and think you deserve better.

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And the real problem: they dont know what they want. Move along with that undecided shit or make a move to find out. I dont understand why ppl want the person that doesnt want them. Fuck that shit! I want the one that wants me and lets that shit be known to everyone. If someone aint comin direct then ima move along...cuz thats real shit and im not into playin guessin games.