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Kol & Klaus Mikaelson. Two beautiful original vampire brothers. The Vampire Diaries <3

Quote from me and best friendddddddd!

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my fav out of all these is ..... wait there all my fav

The Vampire Diaries | Kol Mikaelson

Perrie and Jade for Bliss Magazine

Rebekah's speech S1.

Klaus Mikaelson: The Originals... I just like the line

The best family ever I don't really get why Finn and Kol weren't in this scene I love this song so much And this scene was so sad and sweet ~~~ I kinda think Finn was an idiot He's just so annoying, so yeah i'm happy he died Kol on the other hand is perfect - #quod: favorite Mikaelson? #aotd: klaus kol rebekah and elijah...okay most of them - FOLLOW @dcvinaclair