Paashaas zak- verpakking

Easter Bunny treat bags - so, so easy. Target has white bags for white bunnies.

Handig eieren kleuren

Use a whisk! Put the hard boiled egg in a medium to large whisk and dip away! Make sure the whisk is big enough to easily remove the egg.


C'est la récré chez ClémenceG. # 3 !!

Chicken garland would make a cute Easter/spring project/ Website French but translates to English if needed,:

Vingerpopjes konijntjes

Cutest finger puppets ever! Bunny finger puppets - easy to make and perfect for practicing early literacy skills!

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Rekenen is Top!: Rekenspel 93 Dottie's eieren

Rekenen is Top!: Rekenspel 93 Dottie's eieren