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YPL Staff Picks

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This is a book about games and making games that really isn't about games and gaming. You will learn some new things about the lure of games and those who love to make and play them, but mostly you will learn about people, experiences, relationships, deep friendships and how one is shaped by them. The reader may feel a slight "dip" around the middle of the book but must continue on to the end to see the beauty of the book beyond the games and gaming. This book is well worth the time to read.
I love the format of this book - a 1st person narration of two stories told back to back of each other that come together at the very end of the book. A quick, easy to read psychological thriller that keeps you reading and, even though gives clues along the way, holds the twist til the very end.
I was consciously trying to improve my memory as it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. I noticed this title while shelving books so I checked it out. A book on what do we remember and why do we forget. In an easy to understand way, it teaches how memory works along with tricks to increase and maintain what you remember, and reduce how much you forget. Interesting reading. I can honestly say my memory is noticably improved; I recommend you read it if you want to improve yours.

Cheryl's Picks

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The true story inspiration for the book, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas. Turns out the inspiration was Dumas's father, who was a general in the French army during the French Revolution. He was a war hero until Napolean came along and erased his accomplishments from the history books. This book is a very readable account of the great Black general.
I'm not generally a fan of science fiction, but recently discovered the writing of Philip K. Dick and have read 6 of his books in the last few months. All were good & worthy of recommendation. They are short and explore societal themes in the plot line. Dick was a prolific writer in the 50's to early 80's. Several of his books have been made onto movies. He has become popular, posthumously. A Scanner Darkly is about drugs and alternate reality in Los Angeles, it contains some humorous scenes.
A deadly virus is unleashed in the US. This sets off an apocalyptic chain of events as those left behind try to salvage some form of society. Very long book, but another great story.

Dave's Picks

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This story is delightful and has beautiful illustrations. This book combines the magic of Christmas with the beauty of nature. It features a hungry polar bear, very tired Christmas elves, and a beautiful natural work of art to greet Santa on his way back to the North Pole from deliverying Christmas toys. Truly delightful.
This novel depicts self sacrifice and family drama that is very well done. A page turning thriller that makes this a quick and easy read that will keep you on your toes!
This is a charming, colorful read aloud rhyme about summer fun and the return to the first day ofschool in the fall. Parents too will enjoy the catchy rhymes and getting their children excited about going back to school.

Dodie's Picks

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This is the best YA Mystery Thriller I have read!! This riviting page turner is action packed with clues throughout. The plot twists were great!
Who wouldn't want to spend the night in the library? This book was Okay. It was a super-fast read. It wasn't as suspenseful as I hoped. However, the characters were very relatable. I bet you have someone in your life that is similar to each character in the book.
This book is fast paced with fun twists and turns, and interestig characters. I wanted to keep reading to discover "who dun it". The book is SO much better than the TV series.

Jennette's Picks

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Great ladi back murder thriller to follow up the previous murder and genocide above. This is book 7 of the Memory Man series which I really have enjoyed. Very light read, but entertaining and thrilling with a great plot twist.
A love story based on a true story of a survivor of the Holocaust and Auschwitz. Gripping true story of a man and woman who met in the concentration camp, fell in love, survived that experience and went on to have a full life and marriage with children and grandchildren.
A documentary style true story about the Golden State Killer. Fascinating and horrifying at the same time, but very well written and factual.

Jessica's Picks

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Learn about the many challenges, interesting people, and adventures for those planning to move to a foreign country.

Jetta's Picks

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A delicious retelling of Alice In Wonderland, Dream House is a modern era marvel of the classic story we've all loved as children. I adored this book due to Haben's storytelling and her writing style, the nearly free verse flow of Allison's writing is reminiscent of Tom Wolf's style in Electric Kool Aid Acid Test. Haben delivers a novel that is liminal and endlessly fascinating. A story I couldn't put down, I would recommend this book to anyone looking to step through te looking glass.

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Kathy's Picks

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Like so many spinoffs, this series is one if you are a fan of Jane Austen. In this series Jane Austen meets death wherever she travels. Her intellect and calm demeanor make her the perfect sleuth for the situation. Stephanie Barron is a devotee of Jane Austen, and her knowledge of Austen's novels creeps into each tale (if you pay close attention). Barron is one writer who writes close to the style of Austen and writes with intelligence and respect for this late, great author.
Lauren Willig's historical romance novels begin with a researcher who finds a treasure trove of primary documents that she can peruse to help her quest for her Ph. D. The novels take place in two time periods - current time of the researcher and then historical time period of the newly found diaries, journals, letters, ect. The author's attention to detail and description is steady throughout the series. Read in order as characters you meet in the first novel become main characters in others.
This is a story about a young woman who finds a beautiful and intricate piece of lace. She soon discovers that the piece of lace could have been a part of a famous wedding gown. How the lace comes into her possession and its significance unfolds through the lives of three women. Great historical fiction.

Liz's Picks

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This book is about two brilliant, but lonely college students who create superhuman abilities for themselves. After things go wrong, they become enemies. I read this book about 5 years ago and it is still one of my favorite books; everyone should definitely check this book out!
This is a historical fiction novel that follows the lives of a reporter, Monique Grant, and a movie star, Evelyn Hugo. Throughout the book we learn all about Evelyn's past and we learn that the world never really knew her at all. This book is one of the best books I have ever read. I read the entire book in one sitting because it was just that intriguing and nothing like I have ever read before. If you like historical romance books, then this book is for you!

Mackenzie's Picks

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When the Saint of War appears to the Girl and commands her to rise, she does. Out of fever and sickness, because her kingdom needs her. Soon bards will sing her name, she will turn her Prince into an Emperor, she will be his weapon and his legend. But how much is it worth? In this short story Alix E. Harrow spins a devastatingly beautiful tale of war, love, and defeat. A quick read at only 300 pages - but one that is sure to leave a lasting impression.
One of the most beautiful fairy tales I've ever read. First a motion picture by Guillermo del Torro (I very highly recommend), this spellbinding tale takes readers to a sinister, magical, war-torn world filled with characters like trickster fauns, murderous solidiers, child-eating monsters, courageous rebels and a long-lost princess hoping to be reunited with her family. The novel expands the story with wonderful tales of lore and history. Beautifully written. I truly can't recommend it enough
As resident super fan, I, of course, had to include my latest Neil Gaiman novel in my staff picks. Stardust is an unconventional tale of romance in the elusive land of Faerie, chronicling Tristan Thorn's quest to retrieve a fallen star for his true love. I found this book completely lovely and would recommend to anyone who loves a twisted fairy tale.

Madison's Picks

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this historical fiction book takes place in Germany, 1944. It enters the world of a traveling circus during WWII. It is both heartbreaking and uplifting. I loved the characters and watched them go through terrifying experiences not only while performing, but in the fight for their lives.
If you enjoy psychological thrillers, then this book is for you! A real "page-turner" that I read with my mouth hanging open!
I read this book a few years after I began working in a special needs classroom. My student was non-verbal and in a wheelchair. She changed how I viewed every student I worked with after her. EVERY child has something to "say"! I feel privileged to facilitate their communication in whatever form that takes. I believe this should be required reading for anyone who works with children with special needs.

Mary's Picks

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The grandchild of a member of a theater group is diagnosed with cancer. The group comes together trying to raise money for treatment. Things go wrong and someone ends up dead along with many other lies. A unique murder mystery where the whole book is just emails and you have to figure out who was killed and why. It's a truly immersive experience that keeps you on your toes the whole time. The book format has you engaged and allows you to unravel all the lies throughout. I highly recommend!

Megyn B

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Ten people are invited to an island by a host - each with their own secrets - they begin to share their secrtets and one by one...they die. Who is the killer and who will die next? Although it's been 20+ years since I read this, I remember not being able to put it down and being consistently wrong with each guess of who the killer was. Written by the "Queen of Crime", Christie began writing during the First World War and her books (100+ novels) have sold over a billion copies.
Sure, everyone is saying to read this but they are not wrong. A tale with many twists and turns- Hollywood glamour and a life-long secret. When a new writer is contacted to interview a scandalous starlet about her life in Hollywoood in the 1950's, including her 7 husbands, her story unfolds over several meetings - ambition, struggles, forbidden love and a suprising twist.
A true story - when the author moved his family to the picturesque rolling hillside of Florence, he learned that the olive grove near their farmhouse was the scene of one of Italy's most infamous murders. He sets out to uncover more details of the search for the suspect with an Italian journalist until they themselves become targets of the investigation.

Megan C

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A beautifully written memoir, Zauner shares her difficult relationship with her mother and how, using food, she tries to reconnect and make amends after her mother's terminal cancer diagnosis. To me, the hallmark of a good memoir is one anyone can relate to, sadly we can all relate to the passing of a loved one but, a great memoir author brings something unique to the tale. The way Zauner heals from her mother's death, through connections with other family, her music, and food is the real story.
The final book in Backman's Beartown trilogy, The Winners finishes the story of life in a small remote town. Filled with a cast of characters that you grow to love, all three books in the series pull at your heart strings and paint such perfect pictures of small-town life that by the end of it all, you'll be homesick for a place that isn't home and miss people that aren't really real.
A wonderful little book that is very different from most nonfiction titles. The odd numbered chapters take a look back throughout history at science's understanding of eels at different points in time. These chapters are fascinating, but the heart of the book comes from the even numbered chapters, in which Svensson tells light-hearted tales about growing up fishing for eels with his father in the rivers and wetlands of Sweden. A beautifully lyrical read.

Mike's Picks

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This is a beautiful cookbook that has everything from breakfast to dinner recipes, plus many more - I'm sure you'll find somethig in this book you'll want to make more than one time. Enjoy!

Nancy's Picks

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Ideal book for readers moving from YA to adult fiction. This thriller follows Mallory Quinn, a recovering drug addict attempting to reintergrate into society. She gets a job caring for the Maxwell's son Teddy, who creates interesting drawings of an imaginary friend Anya. Mallory notices the drawings are disturbing & eerily similar to those of a woman murdered in the cottage where she is staying, so she takes on the task of solving the murder and if the drawings are a connection. Good, Read it!

Rafael's Picks

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Clarke is also the author of Jonathon Strange & Mr Norrell, which I liked but found a little bit long. Piranesi has all the magic in a smaller bite, and the symbolism will keep you thinking about it long after you are done reading it. I hope you enjoy your journey through the Great Halls with Piranesi as he seeks to understand his world and the Other, collecting clues to the mystery of his existence along the way.
A collection of short stories by famed children's author Roald Dahl. Despite publishing in 1953, these stories still resonate with the oddness that is Dahl's gift and well worth the read. Included in the collection, "Galloping Foxley" is a favorite as it speaks so truly to human nature, and "A Lamb to the Slaughter" is a story I've run across references to over the years regarding plotting and murder weapons in mysteries; it was nice to finally read it. I enjoyed the experience of reading this.
An amazing, eye-opening look at the perceptions that we just literally can't see/feel/taste/etc. A LOT of information but well worth the read.

Sharyl's Picks

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The Texas panhandle,1934, millions of people are out of work, drought covers the Great Plains. Its the days of dust storms. Elsa Martinelli, mother of 2, must chose to stay at the farm she has come to love, that is dying by the day and slowing killing her son who has breathing problems OR head west to California in search of a better life. She chooses to travel west and save her family. It's a story of a warrior woman’s courage, sacrifice, and strength to provide a better life for her children.
Page turning, plot twisting, and fast pacing story with a shocking ending. I couldn’t put it down. I hope this becomes a movie!
A powerful and heart-wrenching historical fiction novel with true crime elements and many family secrets.

Shelley's Picks

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What's real and what is fiction? Can we see culture from the other person's perspective? Follow a tour group through Burma.
Captivating look at survival during the WWII nazi siege of Leningrad - great insights in challenge and survival.
Great true story of strength, hope and community in the daily life of women under Taliban Afghanistan.

Suzanne's Picks

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Laurie gets a call from her mom that she's in hospital. Something going on with her heart. She tells her mom if she listens to the doctor, gets the tests done, they will go to Paris when she's released. A story of healing and talking through issues many years old and a deeper understanding and apppreciation of each of them. It's real and heart wrenching watching the women interact with each other, trying to heal. It made me think of the things I wish I had told my mom while she was still alive
At 17 years old, Lenore Hope killed her whole family. The story goes that she hasnt been seen since that fateful night, unitl Kit is hired to take care of 70-year-old bedridden Lenora. Kit gets more then she bargained for when the truth comes out of really what happened that night. This book had some predictable and some unpredicatable turns. I loved every moment of the ride.
This is a cute rom-com featuring a plus size gal. Cindy is a graduate with a degree in shoes but no prospects of a job, forcing her to leave her beloved New York and head to her stepmother's home in California where she is thrusted into a reality dating show. Cindy isn't like all the others on this show - she isn't thin. Does she have all the right stuff to get the guy???

Therese's Picks

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Fans of Matilda will LOVE Leeva at Last! Leeva is the daughter of the miserable Mayor and Mr Thornbloosom, two of the worst, most selfish characters you will ever meet. When Leeva ventures outside of her horrible yard, she finds the library, meets new friends, tries toast for the first time! She even discovers the answer to her most pressing question "What is a person for?". This book is filled with adventure, new words, and most importantly LOVE. Dont miss Sara Pennypacker's newest book!!
Imgine visiting your grandparents, finding out they own the summer camp your family visits for vacation! For as long as Ryanna remembers, it's been her dad & stepmom; this summer is different. Looking to learn more about her mom, she accepts an invite to spend the summer with family not seen since her mom died. Over an unforgettable summer, filled with swimming, s'mores, a treasure map, Ryanna finds a new side of herself. A perfect summer book for middle graders who are fans of the VanderBeekers
A close-knit group of friends gathers for their annual weekend getaway. This year, there will be a few drastic changes. Wyn & Harriet, once engaged, are no longer a couple. The rest of the group has no idea they've split and its intended to be kept that way, but the (unhappy) couple keeps getting awkwardly thrown together. Maybe it's destiny or maybe they aren't through with each other yet! I wanted to like this but couldnt connect with the characters, barely made it through. Maybe you will.

Vicki's Picks

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Simple but complex poetry that captivates you as the author speaks about life.
A "cultural history" for those who aren't scientists, about how elements relate to us.

Amy's Picks

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Great book for teens! Love this series.
The author and the illustrator are the same person. Very creative & clever. (There is a movie too - only after you read!)

Brittany's Picks

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