I miss my long hair. I want a braid.

backward french braid - this weekend! You did tell me you would french braid the crap out of my hair this weekend!


hair Long layers of waves Pastels Image detail for -. half up hairstyle for long hair wedding styles this soft and ro.

Trick. I need to do it.

DIY hair buns are classic and evergreen choice of easy hairstyles for every girl. When you are running out of time, you usually neglect your hairstyle and wonder if you had a simple and quick hair do for your hair.

@Krista Lahaye Garcia By Anna

Dose of color sunshine kisses lipgloss. Eyes are soft brown, carbon& sugar pill neon pigment supercharged all over lid

messy curls and white bow(: Sweetheart neckline skater dress. With this color I'd pair with black tights, booties, scarf, and swea.