Exactly. I get so frustrated about this sometimes. You will always be a victim, and you will never see what you did to us.

That's true ,BUT you can push them away and avoid them , if they insist to continue their actions SCREW them up. You can't change people, but actions have consequences.

This is why I don't respond to negative comments from rude people.

23 Simple Steps Towards A Healthy Life

Don’t respond to negative people.sometimes easier said than done.

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There is nothing more satisfying than saying "screw you" to the one who broke your heart. These break up quotes will help save your sorry, hurting soul from the heartbreak.

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Negativity is not a pretty trait.keep your mind open and positive for what you nurture in there is what reflects on the outside.

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One would have to be "Good Enough" to forgive. Since you think I'm not good enough, then you won't mind if I don't forgive you. That would be a strong holding brick in my wall!