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a sailboat is docked in the blue water
Ionian Islands
the inside of a bar with many bottles on display
Ithaca, Greece
an ocean view from the top of a hill with blue water and trees in foreground
several sailboats are docked in the water near trees and bushes at sunset or dawn
Ionian Islands
many people are sitting at tables in an alleyway with lights hanging above them and potted plants on either side
20 things to do in Naxos, Greece | PACK THE SUITCASES
a boat floating on top of the ocean next to a shore filled with lots of houses
The Most Beautiful Towns In Greece
a boat is in the blue water near a rocky cliff and an arch shaped bridge
Keri Caves | Zakynthos | Greece
an empty street with people walking down it
Syros island, the hidden beauty of the Cyclades
an alleyway with blue and white buildings and flowers growing on the side walls,
European Bucket List: 35 Things NOT To Miss When Traveling Europe
a woman sitting on top of a stone bench next to a hillside covered in white buildings
Exploring Santorini in Greece