Een sneeuwpop van een wc-rolletje

TOILET PAPER ROLL SNOWMAN: Toilet Paper Rolls, Pipe cleaner and Pom poms for ear muffs. White paper to wrap roll. Multicolored Felt or ribbon for scarves. Black Maker and orange markers.

Sněhuláčci - skládanka

Winterzeit - Marta Szabo - Bouncy Winter Snowmen - no instructions but looks like made from polystyrene balls, pipe cleaners and card. Not sure what the red nose is made from

Bonhomme de neige / Alu

art on Artsonia - Draw and paint a snowman on a transparency. Turn it over onto a piece of foil.

Muts gemaakt met wol en wc-rol. Geen beschrijving.

Wonderful DIY Adorable Yarn Hat Ornament