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Dry Cracked Feet, and How to Fix Them...steve needs to do this!!

Dry Cracked Feet, and How to Fix Them

Trust me, na dit recept wil je nooit meer een andere bananenbrood variant.

Recept van de week: Bananenbrood zonder suiker - V!VA - Niets te verbergen

Goed nieuws: dit tussendoortjes bevat geen suiker. Of het bananenbrood dan naar karton smaakt? Zeker niet! Stevia is namelijk net zo’n prima zoetmaker (en een stuk gezonder). Voor 4 personen: 125 g patisseriebloem • 5 g bakpoeder • 25 g fondantchocolade, zonder toegevoegde suiker • 2 eieren • 65 g gesmolten plantaardige margarine • Steviazoetstof voor …

Amazing and so doable - DIY


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Diamond Bits for drilling holes in glass and jewellery

How I Drill Holes in Glass and Ceramics

Here’s another one of my recycle, re-purpose, reuse reclaim projects…or at least the beginnings of the project. I drilled the holes in the glass candle holders above quite some time ago…

Mosaic ideas for the garden - Little Piece Of Me

Mosaic ideas for the garden

20 Mosaic ideas for the garden - Mosaics are an excellent way to add more color to your garden, especially in winter months when plants don't flowering. Mosaics can be made almost of everything – tiles, glass, buttons, mirrors, new or old, recycled materials.

Ode to Things

Ode to Things

A microstore featuring well-designed, quality lifestyle objects. www.odetothings.com

A blog by an Oakland and San Francisco mosaic artist about my work and other interests

Rock Frog, the First

Okay enough vacationing! Back to mosaics. I've been using mirror and stained glass in my mosaics from the beginning - which hasn't been very long really. But recently I have been getting sick of the man-made look of it - the shininess and the colors that aren't found in nature. And it's been getting a little too easy to do too. I've started wanting to use more earthy materials. So on vacation I gathered pebbles and rocks from the Cape Cod beaches I visited and brought them home to the West…