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Amo essas idéias para o Dia dos Pais!!
a woman holding up a sign that says, i am an instagramr on it
an image of a man with a hat and laurel around his neck in front of a building
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two black and white photos with the same caption in different frames, one has a man holding a camera
several pictures of people with speech bubbles attached to them, hanging on a wall in front of a door
an award ribbon with a drawing of a man on it and the name of his team
there is a red heart on the wall
an image of a man with many legos in front of him on the wall
a red and white sign with pictures on it
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a bulletin board with many different languages on it
an image of a man in black and white on a wall with many pictures around it
a blue and red sign with white birds on it's side in front of a gold frame