That moment when you step over the sand dune and see the ocean.... not comparable to anything...

Summer Dreaming

Sandy Stairs between the sand dunes at the beach by the sea. I imagine that just beyond that top stair is the most breathtaking view of a clear blue ocean. I can almost smell the sea!

Milos, Greece One of the most magical places on earth.

SHAPE this photography shows literally a natural shape. It is a shoot of a rock wall somewhere besides the ocean and one hole inside the rocks is amazingly shaped like heart. The light turquoise of the ocean makes this shape even more visible.

Not sure where this is, but anywhere with a #beach & #palmtrees is okay by us!

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If you need me, then you call me. If you’re sad, I always stand by for you. If you have pain, I will comfort you. If you do not want, I will persuade you.  Laughing together, of pain, ill always be for you!

If you need me, then you call me. together, of pain, ill always be for you!

12 Things Every Woman Should Do When Traveling Alone

We asked WSJ readers which books had languished on their summer reading lists year after year.


A swing and a beach! This is the perfect pairing. Such a relaxing scene. Just swing and relax!

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Littlefire was walking hen a cat came up from behind her.@Delaynie Chapman @Xx_Squirrelflight_xX

Ail des bois : plus subtil que l’ail classique, vertus et propriétes

Bring The Fun In Your Backyard  Top 25 Most Coolest DIY Outdoor Kids Games

Bring The Fun In Your Backyard- Top 25 Most Coolest DIY Outdoor Kids Games

Mud Run Birthday Party - Inspired by the Warrior Dash, an obstacle course for the boys. other boys party themes/ideas on this site as well)

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