Amsterdam / Created using 100% natural ingredients, Abel's five living fragrances evolve to a unique dynamic on the skin of every individual.
Meer ideeën van Abel

top: grapefruit, bitter orange, voilet | heart: patchouli, clary sage | base: labdanum | speaking your mind, without overthinking it... #greylabdanum

checkered light streams through the gaps | #whitevetiver | creamy fresh, softly invigorating | try now from €45 at abelodor.com

at once warm and cold, light and dark | L A B D A D U M #greylabdanum

red santal | 100% Natural Eau de Parfum | Abel

golden neroli - the urge to travel, sit, wait | #goldenneroli a seductive, rich floral for men and women | regram @adiuvantes | abelodor.com

cobalt amber - a chic modern interpretation of a classic A M B E R | #cobaltamber | our best seller at Amsterdam's cult denim store @tenuedenimes | abelodor.com ⠀

grey labdanum - a brave heart, without doubt | at once cold and warm, dark and light | regram @fvonf | #greylabdanum #inspiration | abelodor.com

the vita odor collection | five fragrances, two sizes | 10 delicious options | abelodor.com #stacked

love notes | Steele, the breaking of the waves, enduring, frosty flakes falling, speaking your mind, without overthinking it...

grey labdanum - where dark incense and ambergris collide with warm patchouli in a harmonious clash | #greylabdanum | sleek, modern, truly captivating | abelodor.com