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Karen Dalton - Something On Your Mind. Always time for this. Listen:


Earth & Fire - Memories (1972) - superb and spectral Dutch prog-pop bombast. Love to DJ this and hear that Mellotron very, very load.

Seven 7"s From Congo - completely beautiful compilation courtesy of Global Groove. Particularly recommend the melancholy forward motion of Cherie bondowe 2 by Orchestre Mayaula and the beautifully languid Kasai (presumably not Kasai, Edogawa-ku, where I work...) by Orchestre Empire Bakuba. Adieu Yoko (!) by Orchestre Mako - an amazing noise... Basically it's all glorious. Listen/dowload here:

Moderne - Indicatif (1980) - one of my favourite songs this year. Melancholy French Kraftwerkian loveliness. Listen:

William Onyeabor - Anything You Sow (1985) - Absolutely glorious Afrisynth magic. Pop from another place entirely. Listen:

N'draman Blintch - Cikamele'. This is the jam of the year. The keyboard sounds to end all keyboard sounds. Listen:

Wonderland - Moscow (1968) The phased drums cook!

Chance Operation - All Wave Junkies - outrageous noise/funk/new wave/late-80s dance collision... Japanese singing like Germans... I wish music was still this ace. Thanks to Jah Miki Naoe for the recommendation! I need this record.

Arthur Russell - Tower Of Meaning (1981 LP) - It's always worthwhile making time to enter Arthur's world, and this is a particularly cosmic 44 minutes of rare beauty. Listen:

David Byron - African Breeze : Very odd fusion of Moroder, an imagined Africa and late-60s psychedelia... Makes for a superbly uncomfortable dancefloor. Listen: