I'd do sth like this above the toilet

Like how they've used space above a toilet for storage. Presumably it's also easy to get at plumbing if any problems.

Kast onder schuin dak evt voor schoenen (kan ook open)

A small room with a slanted roof? Then this is a good idea! Storage space, drop door and deep drawers at the bottom.

extra long corian sink neutral tones

WALL TAP Extra long Corian sink combined with neutral tones Faucet on wall (no gross water guck forming around the base)

Handig de ruimte benutten

In a home short on storage, builder Todd Best worked hard to provide his client with plenty of cabinet space. This custom sliding storage unit was built into an area of the master bathroom that is normally wasted space.

votre blanche salle de bain sous le toit

Une salle de bain sous pente ou sous combles en 52 photos!

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A beautiful contemporary bathroom this; the skylight windows add a good amount of light too which makes it appear even bigger.