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Little mermaids coloring pages One of the Baby Mermaid Coloring Pages - 2321 for your kids to print out and find similar of Little mermaids coloring pages Baby Mermaid Coloring Pages - 2321

ballonnen en dartpijlen. Leuk voor de grotere kinderen. Opdrachten in de ballonnen.

32 Of The Best DIY Backyard Games You Will Ever Play -- Balloon darts! Fill each balloon with a number or prize on a piece of paper.

estafette, water door geven boven je hoofd

Easy and fun children's birthday game: give a cup with water to the person behind you, but you can only do so by lifting the cup over your head!

crab hands

Beach Crafts for Kids to Make in the Summer

Handprints Crab on sandy beach - Crafts for the kids at the pool party

Zip-lock up some beach (sand, shells, etc.) and create a construction paper "picture frame" and you get to take the beach home!

Zip-lock up some beach! Add sand, shells to zip-lock bag & then create a construction paper "picture frame" glue around edges of bag & woo-la you can now take the beach home with you.


to ] Great to own a Ray-Ban sunglasses as summer gift.Cute footprint tile - great for I want these for my gardens. one of each of our kids! they love paint, and mess, and crafts!

We have another fun project for your kids (or you) to do during the hot summer months, this time we are sharing a fun summer agamograph template with you. Making a agamograph is really, really fun and we hope this template will inspire your kids to start making their own. *This post contains affiliate links* …

Summer Agamograph Template