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Kathmandu, Nepal - oh the fabrics. stunning. India, Indiana, International Style, Incredible India, Bollywood, Boho Chic, Indian, Boho
Parsley, Page, Rosemary & Thyme
Kathmandu, Nepal - oh the fabrics. stunning.
an ornate gold door on the side of a building
Sehenswürdigkeiten in Kathmandu - Eindrücke aus der Hauptstadt von Nepal
Nepal - Reisen - Reisetipps - Goldene Tür in Patan
two women are standing in front of an old building with open doors and holding umbrellas
Umbrella by Layla Perchal Neal / 500px
All in Pink, Kathmandu, Nepal
people are standing next to statues on the side of a building
Kathmandu, Nepal
many people are walking around in front of some buildings
kathmandu market
kathmandu market,Nepal
the face of a large statue with eyes painted on it
Kathmandu and environs, 252,
an old bell in the middle of a building
touch the earth
wonderful Nepal http://www.travelandtransitions.com/destinations/destination-advice/asia/
a young child dressed in red and gold with an elaborate headdress on her head
Nepal - Living Goddess. Kumari. Living Goddess, incredible, i wonder what she has to do??
an elephant statue sitting on top of a metal stand
a statue of a monkey holding a ball in his hand and bells hanging from the ceiling
Nepal: Things to do in Kathmandu
Kathmandu, Nepal, www.marmaladetoast.co.za #travel find us on facebook www.Facebook.com/marmaladetoastsa #inspired #destinations
an old building with many spires on top
Kathmandu, Nepal
a person walking down an alley way carrying a basket
Katmandu, Nepal, via Serafini Amelia
an aerial view of a city with tall buildings
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Nepal-Home of the Kathmandu Valley winding along the great Himalayas, Nepal is an exotic mixture of world-class historic artistic and cultural heritage, combined with the adventurers’ paradise of the earth’s best trekking and mountaineering in the land of yaks, yetis, stupas, and Sherpas. Visit ancient temples and monasteries, meditate at the birthplace of Buddha, check out the Everest Base Camp, catch a sight of a wild tiger or rhino, or soak up the medieval atmosphere of Newari architectur...
a pile of multicolored yarn is stacked on top of each other
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Colourful yak wool blankets for sale in the narrow streets of Thamel, Nepal. By Kimberley Coole.
some statues on the side of a building
Pashupatinath - Nepal
Pashupatinath Temple - Nepal's oldest and holiest Hindu pilgrimage site. Photograph by cpcmollet on Flickr
an archway in the middle of a building with two people walking through it and one person carrying a bag
Temples, Kathmandu valley. | Ton Lankreijer
Golden Temple, Kathmandu valley, Nepal
a group of people standing around a table with food on it and an elephant statue in the background
Worshipping 'Kala Bhairab' - Shiva at his most fearsome...
Worshipping 'Kala Bhairab' - Shiva at his most fearsome... by Hulivili on Flickr - Kathmandu, Nepal
an open doorway with potted plants in front of it
Thapathali, Kathmandu, Central, NP
several people and animals in front of a building with many pigeons around it, all looking at each other
Kathmandu Nepal
a man riding on the back of an elephant in front of a large stupee
Kathmandu Temple, Nepal.
several statues on the side of a brick building next to a body of green water
Kathmandu Nepal
Where the community of monks sit, Nepal Tibet, Nepal, Buddhist Temple, Tibetan Art
Where the community of monks sit, pecha (prayer book), mala, cymbals, tea cup, little carpets, robe, drum, horns, khatas, wish fulfilling jewel mural, dorjes, bells, polished wood floor, Pharping Sakya Monastery, Nepal
Where the community of monks sit, Nepal
three bells hanging from chains in front of a wall with other metal objects on it
"Bells On A Hindu Temple In Kathmandu, Nepal." by Stocksy Contributor "Shikhar Bhattarai"
Bells on a hindu temple in Kathmandu, Nepal. by nepal | Stocksy United
a dog laying on the ground in front of a brick wall with carvings above it
Temple In Nepal - Taking A Snooze Visit Nepal! Find travel agencies on NepalB2B.com
there are many colorful flags flying in the air near a tower that has a clock on it
Bodnath Stupa
Bodnath Stupa Tibet
a monkey sitting on the ground with its baby in it's lap and looking up
Monkeys in Nepal
Monkeys in Nepal
Nepali Kumari, we pray her as living goddess.
Nepali Kumari, we pray her as living goddess.