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an apartment building with red shutters on the windows
Amsterdam building with red shutters
a boat traveling down a river next to tall buildings on either side of a bridge
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many buildings are reflected in the water
Amsterdam. I need to go back in better weather. But the Anne Frank house, Van Gogh Museum, and Rijksmuseum are must sees.
several boats are parked on the side of a river in front of some colorful buildings
Top 10 Countries to visit in 2015 - Top Inspired
Amsterdam, Netherlands
a bridge over a body of water with buildings in the background at sunset or dawn
sunsets are relaxing
the city skyline is lit up at night, with buildings in the foreground and street lights on either side
Helllloooo Amsterdam!
a boat floating on top of a river next to tall buildings
NameBright - Domain Expired
a bridge that has some lights on it
Amsterdam... Imagine a cold night walk. Wearing a black dress with a coat on top and some long boots. While you walk from Amsterdam to Haarlem or Lijnden you smoke a cigarette or a cigar while you talk life with your companion. And you look at your surroundings and wonder if you reached heaven yet.....