Pesky Garden Pests, Diseases & Weeds

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The pins listed on the board look at the darker side of gardening; the insects, pests, diseases & weeds that can overrun or decimate your garden.

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A living contradiction, earwigs are both a beneficial insect and a garden pest. A living contradiction, earwigs are both a beneficial insect and a garden pest.

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Earwigs can be both a beneficial insect and a garden pest—but you don't want their population size getting out of control.

Aspirin as a remedy for fungal plant problems, black spot, powdery mildew, rust which can attack and destroy your plants. Two uncoated aspirin tablets milligrams each) dissolved in 1 quart of water and used as a foliar spray may thwart these diseases.

Buy Flowers Online Same Day Delivery Unfortunately, Late Blight Is Not A Treatable Disease And It Will Kill Your Plants. In Addition, Late Blight Is Highly Communicable Disease That Is Carried On Wind And Will Infect Other Gardens And Farms Within A

What to Do When Late Blight Strikes Your Tomatoes

Unfortunately, Late blight is not a treatable disease and it will kill your plants. In addition, late blight is highly communicable disease that is carried on wind and will infect other gardens and farms within a 50-mile radius. So it is important to destroy infected plants once you confirm you have late blight and take some preventative measures to stop spores from coming back next year.

Greneaux Gardens: Easy way to keep cats from digging up your plants

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Greneaux Gardens celebrates growing in every season of life. The blog includes thoughts on parenting, DIY projects, homesteading, and a Biblical outlook on life. Products include books written by author Erin Greneaux.

Garden Pest Control Four tomato plant pests, and how to get rid of them naturally.Four tomato plant pests, and how to get rid of them naturally. Tomato Problems, Plants, Tomato, Plant Pests, Garden Pest Control, Plant Care, Garden, Veggie Garden, Garden Pests

Four Tomato-Plant Pests

Discover these four tomato-plant pests and how you can get rid of them without resorting to pesticides.

Bye Bye Bugs: Organic Vegetable Garden Pest Control to learn recipes that will help you in your organic vegetable garden!Read Bye Bye Bugs: Organic Vegetable Garden Pest Control to learn recipes that will help you in your organic vegetable garden! Garden Insects, Organic Gardening, Organic Insecticide, Organic Gardening Tips, Organic Vegetable Garden, Garden Pest Control, Container Gardening, Garden Pests, Gardening Tips

Bye Bye Bugs: Organic Vegetable Garden Pest Control

Bye Bye Bugs: Organic Vegetable Garden Pest Control: recipe: 2tbs dishwashing liquid 1gal warm water mix and fill spray bottle add 1t baking soda for killing bugs and fungus

Stink bugs are commonly found throughout the U. in gardens and occasionally the home. When stink bug control becomes necessary, use the steps in this article to get rid of them.

How To Make A Stinkbug Trap

Are pesky stinkbugs invading your home and garden? Stinkbug control is easy with just a few items that you likely have around your house. so that you can mak...

Deer and gardens don't mix, and knowing how to keep the deer away with homemade repellent recipes is a sure way to keep your crops safe. There are several different types of.

Keeping Deer Out Of Your Garden | The Garden Glove

Oh, those darling little “Bambi’s”. I quickly get over the “Bambi Syndrome” when I see the deer eating the flowers and shrubs I have nurtured, and spent so much money to buy. How to keep... Read More

Garden Pest Control entails the regulation and control of pests, which is a type of species that are damaging to plants. Garden pests diminish the quality and

Cornstarch: your friend in the garden

Just like last year, I planted a bunch o’ tomatoes in the garden in the back yard. Unlike last year, my tomatoes this year came under attack (ATTACK I say!) by bugs. First it was worms (tomat…

A Dozen Homemade Organic Garden Remedies « Hope Gardens. Love these suggestions! Looking forward to trying them out this year:)

A Dozen Homemade Organic Garden Remedies

Veggie gardens need special care. Vegetable plants are prone to all sorts of disease and fungus. They are highly sought after by pests both big and teeny teeny tiny. A slight negative change in the…

Ivory soap is great for keeping Deer and Rabbits OUT of garden. Cut up a bar or two of IVORY soap and sprinkle it around your plants/garden

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I grew up in the country. We once had some escaped cows in our front yard but I don’t ever remember bunnies eating my Mom’s petunias. When I moved to the “big city” with my husband, I planted all of my flowers with care only to have them chomped to the ground by all of the bunnies roaming around our backyard and living under our deck. I have since become wiser and have successfully kept my flowers and vegetables healthy without those pesky rabbits taking bites of all ...

Organic Gardening Stopping Stink Bugs

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These common home invaders can also destroy your garden.

Portulak: Pesky Weed oder Heilung von Superfood Source by meryavuzg

Purslane: Pesky Weed or Healing Superfood? - Kami McBride

Purslane is a weed. It grows where you didn’t plant it and if you are lucky it shows up in your garden or yard. This weed is a powerhouse of nutrition and contains as many nutrients as any vegetable you have stocked up in your refrigerator.

Alternative Gardening: getting rid of fungus gnats. Rubbing alcohol and water in a spray bottle.

getting rid of fungus gnats

Natural Homemade Fungus Gnat Spray

Neem oil for plants is an effective natural organic insect repellent general purpose insecticide, miticide, and fungicide. [LEARN MORE]

Neem Oil: Making Garden Sprays, Fixing Oil Separation & What Does it Do? - TRG 2014

Neem Oil can be used in the garden to fight chewing insects. You want to make sure you purchase 100% cold pressed Neem Oil. This pure pressing has the Azadir...