The Netherlands

Netherlands - Birthplace of my son 13 yrs ago. LOVE the country and the Dutch.some of the best people in the world! ===================== My grandson was born here in I don't visit often enough,,,)`~;

Utrecht, Netherlands

Utrecht, Netherlands 🌷 Our vacation destination next year!

Morning mill - Herwijnen mooi zo in de laaghangende mist, ook dat is Nederland-----------lbxxx.

Morning mill - Herwijnen, The Netherlands. We cruised to Denmark, stopped in Holland for a day.


Amsterdam cafe on a canal on a snowy night - I asked my son if he had tried the cafes or the coffee houses.

Kinderdijk Sunrise

The Netherlands Travel Inspiration - ~~Kinderdijk Sunrise ~ windmill waterscape, Holland by Dominik Beedgen~~

Venice of the Netherlands

Would love to go to this little Dutch village and . It's called Giethoorn The whole village is connected by a water canal system instead of actual roads so the locals commute daily by boats, kayaks or canoes. Like a Dutch Venice!

Erasmus brug 'De Zwaan' in Rotterdam architect Ben van Berkel

Claudia Schoen - Amsterdam

Amsterdam Map Art Print by Claudia Schoen

Openluchtmuseum, The Netherlands | Frank van der Most on Flickr

Windmill in winter at the Nederlands Openluchtmuseum (Netherlands Open Air Museum), Arnhem, Netherlands

De Peppels Photo Blog | Nederland | Dutch landscape

het water word minder breed in de verten


Canal, Alkmaar, Noord Holland, The Netherlands, photograph by Cahier d'images.

De Rotterdam, Rotterdam

De Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Port of Rotterdam,The Netherlands | by Philippe Lejeanvre, via Flickr

Rotterdam boat in the Rotterdam Harbor - Netherland (October HDRI - Pentax Rotterdam © Philippe LEJEANVRE. All rights reserved.