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Really cheap wood floors (stain strand board - like plywood- and coat with polyurethane). OSB looks like cork. Maybe with many layers of poly it would be smooth enough. Cheap Wood Flooring, Decor, Flooring Options, Rustic Dining Table, Diy Flooring, Flooring, Floor Stain, Particle Board, Home Decor

A great looking wood floor for pennies? You bet! | The Impatient Gardener

Since I’ve done almost no decorating this year, haven’t wrapped a single gift or baked a single cookie (yet), I’m lacking in the holiday post department. But that’s doesn’t mean I don’t have a little gift for you. Because I do: An awesome idea for a super cool, great looking and inexpensive floor. This floor […]

Because You Asked: Can I Recycle Empty Paint Cans? Full cans of paint should be disposed of through a hazardous waste program, but there are other options for empty cans.

How to Paint Particle Board Flooring |

Add visual interest to ordinary particle-board flooring and protect it from wear and rot by refinishing it with the right paint. Before you apply the paint, prepare the particle board to accept the new finish, or flaking will occur.

How to Paint Stained Wood Trim White (with Pictures)

How to Paint Over Compressed Wood | Hunker

Compressed wood, also known as particle board, can be painted, but first the wood must be properly prepared. Compressed wood has an uneven, slightly bumpy surface and it's very porous. Some types of particle board also have a faux wood veneer.

The ultimate girl's day out with Tamara - Part an ultimate lunch - Funky Junk Interiors Painted floors. Stain, tape your lines, paint, lift tape, done. Like the rustic appeal - not perfect which is perfect fo.

The ultimate girl's day out with Tamara - Part 1, an ultimate lunch - Funky Junk Interiors

Not long ago, I met a new friend in Fort Langley, BC. While our meet up was actually business related, I didn’t expect to ADORE this gal and spend our day quite like this! Decorators, brace yourself! I’m going to verbalize the inspiration as we go along. Meet Tamara, who runs Darvonda Nurseries, a family […]

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Particle Board Floor Turned Into a Stone/granite Floor

My linoleum ripped and underneath was a particle board floor that was getting water damaged. On a tight budget, I planned to just stain and seal the particle board, BUT I made a mess of it. In the end I used the Rustoleum stone spray paint and sealed it with polyurethane. Now it looks like stone or granite, Though this look is not for everyone but I love it. I now have a durable, easy to clean stoe floor! (I am sorry if this leaves a large space at the top, i don't know to make ti!)…