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cacti watercolours

Sorry for not posting again :/ here is my first week in February ❤ I wanted to use all of my favourites I have had during the last two years so this is what we got. Some of these Tapes I own since two years and I still love them so much ! I really need to reorder them !

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fingers crossed tattoo

This week is gonna be exciting! switching my (student) job my little #Daruma brought me good luck

journal doodles

Identity is beauty”. Photographed by Lobke Leijser for Sicky Magazine

3.29.16+1:45pm // 26/100 days of productivity // the very kind @men-bong asked if i could post more doodle ideas, so here’s another doodle reference sheet! looks a lot like the first one but trust me; it’s very different! also, it’s a little dreary today. i feel like staying in and snuggling up with just the fairy lights of the day: “winter” - mree