De kleur blauw in de kunst

Niet voor niets heeft Admore de kleur blauw gekozen voor de huisstijl...
10 Pins
an abstract blue painting with horizontal lines
Little Girl Blue - Chet Baker
Mark Rothko
a painting of a boy in blue clothes
Blauw in de kunst - 9 - The Blue Boy, Thomas Gainsborough 1770
an oil painting of a man in a black coat
Blauw in de kunst - 8 - Picasso 1901
an airplane is flying in the sky at night
Blauw in de kunst - 7 - Yves Klein - Untitled blue monochrome
many people are walking around in a room with blue lights on the walls and stairs hanging from the ceiling
Blauw in de kunst - 5 - Roger Hiorns
a blue and white drawing of a woman sitting on the ground with her hands behind her head
Blauw in de kunst - 4 - Henri Matisse -1952-blauw naakt
two large blue images are projected on the wall in front of a man's face
Blauw in de kunst - 3 - Jan Fabre de blik binnenin
blue ink splattered on white paper in front of a gray background with an image of trees
Blauw in de kunst - 2 - Evi Vingerling
a woman looking at a sculpture of a blue rooster on her head, in front of a gray background
Blauw in de kunst - 1 - Katharina Fritsch