Twister with colored shaving cream.

Do this with kids and take pics before during and after. Twister with colored shaving cream.or maybe just a colored shaving cream silly string fight.

Wormen in modder traktatie, lekker griezelig: Chocomousse, " zwarte" koekjes verkruimelen beetje erdoor, rest erop en wormen winegums  erin.

Food Porn on

worms in dirt recipe: Chocolate Instant pudding mixed with cool whip and crushed Oreos.sprinkle more crushed oreos ontop and stick gummy worms in "dirt". my sister Lauren's favorite dirt cake.


Come Together Kids: GAK! All you need is Elmer's Glue, Borax, food coloring, and water!

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Locatie Reitdiep onderbouw: Lampion

Locatie Reitdiep onderbouw: Lampion

Edible Eyeballs - Halloween Treats - Kids Halloween Treats Recipes & Ideas | Spoonful

Halloween Ideas & Activities

Create Edible Eyeballs, a pirate craft inspired by the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, with step by step instructions provided by Disney Family.

Grass heads for Tu B'Shevat

Fun craft idea for kids. Science lesson about growing plants. Have the kids bring in an empty 2 liter to make plant pot and watch their plant grow!