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Magic engine, in its day produced the best bmep and became an icon winner, with better materials today it could be reborn.Luv the bevel gears, hairpins, simplicity coupled to EFI would be great engine.

Mercedes Benz 300 D OM617

If anyone wants to know why the Mercedes and were considered so influential in their day, consider their predecessor, the Conservative even by German standards, these iconic cars n…

1ё924 Allison X-4520 24-Cylinder Aircraft Engine

On 4 January the Allison Experimental Company changed its name to the Allison Engineering Company. By the Army Air Service (AAS) Power Plant Section at McCook Field, Ohio had designed a large engine in an “X” layout.

raw material...Alfa 8C

There's something inherently beautiful about engines. They're not only the soul of every car, they can also be seen as pieces of NSFW artwork. Here are 20 engines that might make you cheat on your usual manufacturer of choice.

A trophy-winning Buell from Japan, a repli-racer from Texas, and a 1968 Vincent cafe racer from France.