Andrea Kramer

Andrea Kramer

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Marc Jenesel - Raku vessel WB 1000 GLOWPOT - 9.25” h x 7.25” dia. Raku pottery lined with copper leaf (3 slots), curved rim, picture jasper, copper

even though i have sworn to add no more bowls to my mothers collection - these are great

Interview with Tanoue Shinya - Japanese ceramic artist, Keiko Gallery • Ceramics Now - Contemporary ceramics magazine

Ceramics by Kerry Hastings at - 2010

Ceramics by Maria Kristofersson at Cave Interiors More

"The Nest" - polymer clay vessel and metal structure by Sonya Girodon.

Gustave Miklos (1888-1967) - Tête Cubiste M.MAP 3D SCULPTURE,M.M. IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IJsvogel Cees Meijer Brons