Leg de plaatjes van de hyacint in logische volgorde , kleuteridee.nl , sequence free printable.

Place the plates from the hyacinth in logical order, kleuteridee.

Doe mij na!

Here are some good suggestions for learning patterns, matching, and teamwork. One player creates a pattern the other copies it. wonderful for building visual-perceptual and fine motor skills for reading and writing -- try this in your next group!

Dice game-- first to get all the numbers wins

Gingerbread Literacy

gingerbread dice game-- first to get all the numbers wins. Great Christmas Game - Need to adapt numbers for Doubles, plus one and 20 sided dice!

Ideeën met logiblocks

Could we use these for the children to copy using shapes?





Juf Inger: Poster 'vormen'

Juf Inger: Poster 'vormen'

Christmas Letter to Santa

Christmas Letter to Santa {with free printable

Let the little ones share with Santa why they're on the nice list and put in a few wishes with our printable Letter to Santa template.

vormen kerstboom

Fun Educational Christmas Activities For Children