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Star Saber by RoadCaesar

Star Saber by RoadCaesar

Transformers Victory DVD Cover by on @deviantART

DVD Cover for Shout! Factory's release of the Japanese Transformers: Victory cartoon series. This is the art I did without a space background and titles that were added later by the graphics dept.

Star Saber from Transformers Victory.

Toys and Bacon: Figure Friday: Transformers Box Art part 2

Star Saber by suppa-rider on DeviantArt

and here we are with the finished piece! I really liked the idea to see Fortress Maximus and Skorponok fight until they both destroy each other, just to continue the fight in their headmaster form.

War of the Cybertron - Transformers Prime version by on @DeviantArt

goddessmechanic: “ War of the Cybertron - Transformers Prime version Optimus prime & Ultra magnus ”