Story Time in Galilee by Del Parson ~ Jesus & children

vintage sci fi illustration-n-posters Space Easter Bunny

Pantherman is my friend.

guns-gas-trenches: “ Radiology Nurse Technician in protective gear WWI France 1918 ” Not a gas mask, but PPE is PPE.

Forget the Sugarhill Gang, for me Public Enemy was the epitome of what Hip - Hop should represent. They were responsible for my journey into more knowledge of self and my appreciation of music with a message.

The Williams X-JET, or “Williams Aerial Systems Platform II”, 1982 The previous WASP was evaluated by The US Marine Corps eight years earlier. This version was extensively tested by the US Army, who.

Ed Emshwiller (Emsh)'s cover art for the September 1954 issue of Galaxy Science Fiction, entitled "Robots Repaired While U Wait.

Georgiy Millar as Koschey Immortal