Speelgoed van Vroeger

LOTS of nostalgia in here. The phone! The record player! The parking ramp!we played with a parking ramp?we had all of these expect that ferris wheel thingy =)

Deze hadden mijn broertjes

Vintage - Fisher Price Activity center This little device allowed me to get extra "winks" when my son was small and still in his crib. Nothing beats a "busy box"!

Groot vadersklok

Fisher Price clock My grandmother taught me the words to the music it played. years without slumbering tick tock, tick tock. It's life seconds numbering tick tock, tick tock. Stopped short never to go again when the old man died. Kind of sad for a

I LOVED these matchbook dolls.  This is one of those toys I really wish I had kept for some reason.

I LOVED these matchbook dolls. Think I still have one in old dolls house

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I’m so happy that some of the coolest toys that aren’t reliant on batteries and lcd screens still exist.

Kaleidoscoop.. uren aan een stuk draaien en kijken.

Vintage, this is what got me started. Memories from my childhood.

Loved this!

Fisher Price Record Player- I loved this thing growing up! I was so curious as to how the bumps made the machine play music.

De Tuperware bol. Je had de meeste lol wanneer je een figuurtje door het verkeerde vormpje kon krijgen!

Tupperware Shape O Toy. Thanks to this toy my daughter knew what a pentagon was before she was out of nappies.

Het spel 'Electro' (ca. 1966-1980) zou je kunnen noemen als de 'Gameboy' van vroeger: met heel veel verschillende categorieën kaarten kon je in je eentje (interessante, leerzame, gezellige) spelletjes doen.

Het spel 'Electro' (ca. zou je kunnen noemen als de 'Gameboy' van…

Hungry Hippos, I remember you!

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Vingertwister voor een hoekenwerk.

I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a few simple stocking stuffers and today an idea hit me. I saw these cute little fing.

Hier braken in no-time de poten af. Dier werd steeds kleiner

Vintage Barbie Horse Dallas with Saddle Bridle Reins Chaps

Vintage Barbie Horse Dallas with Saddle Bridle Reins Chaps. I had this one and my sister had the black Barbie horse, Midnight with silver tack.