Hot tub waterfall

Waterfall around hot tub - Wow. Thomas Quiroga love this waterfall and hot tub and pool, lighting, oh, just everything!

Great idea if your cans are in public spaces... spring project!

Pallet Garbage Bins great to hide bins at front of house / verandah!

hot tub-fireplace combo? Yes!

Backyard - Daydreaming - Hot tub/fireplace combo by pool.

Enchanting 'Magic Dogwood' (Cornus florida subsp. urbiniana) is a rare Mexican version of the common American Dogwood tree with magical blossoms shaped like Chinese lanterns.

I so need to plant some cornus trees this is awesome.'Magic Dogwood' - Cornus florida subspecies urbiniana - is a rare Mexican version of the common American Dogwood tree.

As beautiful as this modern fountain is, remember the most support from water in #Feng Shui is when it flows towards your home. It also needs to be in one of the 4 auspicious locations for this period 8 we are currently in.

Idea: integrated water system as holistic part of house. Imagine the water blade, and lighting on steps. Water feature and exterior lighting designed by Paver Planet, Inc.

This small garden Mediterranean planting scheme includes Olive trees, boxwood topiary balls, myrtle, white hydrangeas and rosemary...Full details on Modern Country Style blog: Leopoldina Haynes' Small Garden

Modern Country Style: Leopoldina Haynes' Small Garden Click through for details.

a mixture of different types of white tulips | Charlotte Harris garden design

Contemporary flower garden - a mixture of different types of white tulips

Het buitenleven is het goede leven, niet? Als de zon ook maar één dag schijnt trekken we massaal richting strand, parken of puikbeste achtertuinen. Misschie...

** My dream bbq area!

Mooi voor de voordeur. Houten zuilen met op de zwarte pot je huisnummer.

Love these rounded pots on chunky posts

Line a pathway with rocks painted in glow in the dark paint. During the day they “charge” in the sun and in the evening they reflect the stored light. Rust-Oleum Glow in the Dark Brush-on Paint. - sublime decor

WALKWAY: glow stones ~ glows at night after soaking up the sun all day

Urban fireside garden 19 Charlotte Rowe copyright Clive Nichols_5608650757_m

Incredible outdoor modern fireplace and patio. Looks like another room.

Awesome Ideas Of Fire Pit: Awesome Contemporary Patio With Natural DIY Inspiring Fire Pit Designs

I don't know if I would do the gas fire pit thing but I love the big rocks around the edge. 19 Impressive Outdoor Fire Pit Design Ideas For More Attractive Backyard

Zo Kan Je Eindeloos Veel Blauwe Bessen Kweken In Je Tuin

Zo Kan Je Eindeloos Veel Blauwe Bessen Kweken In Je Tuin

Tuinkachel - gemaakt van een oud olie vat!

to burn wood awesome

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