Fire pit & outdoor seating

What a great idea to have a hammock near the firepit seating area. Lots of great landscape or backyard ideas with hammocks and swings.

Excellent item for the "do it yourselfer". Easy to use and the finished project looks great.

Cement DIY ideas including this stepping stone project. Excellent item for the "do it yourselfer". Easy to use and the finished project looks great.

hortensia jardin

Like the way the boxwoods sit below the Annabelle hydrangea, boxwood, fig (Front corner maybe?

mooie sfeervolle verlichting voor in de tuin

DIY Chandelier garden glass jar - dollar store or mason jar - instead have kids paint insides with tinted outdoor mod podge {Class Project}

Another great idea for a corner of the fence.

Outdoor bench made of stone: Make these around a fire-pit with banked tier gardens behind them. and steps leading down.

Choose an area for your hydrangea that receives morning sun and afternoon shade. Zone 7 is fairly temperate, but its summer sunlight can be quite strong. Do not select a site that gets full afternoon sun or heavy shade (such as under a large tree). An exception to this, according to, is the paniculata hydrangea, which will grow in full, all-day sun if watered adequately. They need at least 5 hrs of sunlight each day for good blooming.

Hydrangeas & Coffee Grounds – Adding coffee grounds or other organic material to your hydrangea’s soil will reduce the pH level and make aluminum more available to the plant. The result will be hydrangeas that are blue in color.

Креативни саксии за цветя, които няма да намерите в никой магазин - - Майстори за дома, офиса и градината - ремонт, строителство, боядисване, шпакловане, плочки, паркет, дограма, гипсокартон и др.

DIY Tire Flower Planter Tutorial -- This is great! I have an old tire in the gully behind my house. Guess I will make a planter out of it.