Easel and blank canvas... would be a cute cover for an art folder. You can fill it with how to draw different things &/or the coloring pages of famous works of art.

Easel coloring page. I think that this would make a cute quite page if you could simplify some of the pieces.

Mondriaan kunst, thema kunst voor kleuters, inclusief sjablonen, kleuteridee.nl , Art theme preschool Mondrian

Template Mondrian art, theme art for children, including templates, kleuteridee.

Awesome idea! Piet Mondrian LEGO art | Mama Miss

Piet Mondrian LEGO art

PIET MONDRIAN LEGO ART - Introduce fine art to your kids in a fun way - with these inventive Piet Mondrian LEGO art printable cards.

Mondriaan voor bewerking

Piet Mondrian coloring pages. These Piet Mondrian pictures are online coloring pages that can be colored with color gradients and patterns. Printable coloring pages are also included if you prefer to color with paper and crayons.

Kleurplaat Schilderij - schilderen - Kunstenaar - Kleurplaten.nl

Kleurplaat Schilderij - schilderen - Kunstenaar - Kleurplaten.nl

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