Popcorn cherry blossoms - Great idea for a spring art project Glue on cardboard and hang in tree for birds

Popcorn Cherry Blossom Trees

Spring Blossom Tree Preschool Craft--just did this to teach them about trees. i showed them a picture of a REAL apricot tree with all of the popcorn looking blossoms, we made this popcorn tree, and then we sang popcorn popping.

Tulpen stempelen

Christiane Wyler an artist, painter and designer she's painted on silk using mixed media like textured surfaces to combine colour.

Flower prints with toilet rolls

Paper roll craft ideas for kids and adults. Easy toilet paper roll crafts for preschoolers,toddlers. crafts to make using paper rolls: Christmas, Easter. How to make animals, butterflies, pilgrims

the real focus being vertical or horizontal lines and color (either warm and cool ~ painted newspaper flowers?

A Few More Buttons Magazines and newsprint background.vertical or horizontal lines, watercolors

Flowers from from drinking straws

Make gorgeous flowers from from drinking straws - a fun craft activity for kids!

bloempot maken van een fles - Google zoeken

Self-watering planter. Cut top third off bottle. Drill small hole in cap. Pass string thru hole. Fill bottom of bottle about halfway with water. Place top upside-down in bottom and put plant in. String will wick up water.

Lentelied_voor_opera_Tralala_hoge_resolutie.jpg (720×542)

Lentelied_voor_opera_Tralala_hoge_resolutie.jpg (720×542)

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Plastiquem: TAPES DE PRIMER Flower bouquet made with black cardboard, color paper, wallpaper scraps, cupcake wrappers and paint.

Summertime with the kids. Paint with flowers! Make a picture... or use a roll of kraft paper, and they can decorate the tablecloth for the picnic table! HowToConsign.com bets they'll remember this activity long after...

Use flower heads of different shapes as stamps to make cool watercolour style abstract flower print shapes on cards, paper, or fabric.