Shadow box and book

Shadow box end book
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an altered photograph with spools of thread and flowers on a lace doily
In My Garden
an old book with many faces on the pages and people's heads in them
a wooden box filled with different types of clocks and other things on it's sides
two black cats sitting on top of each other in bottle caps with the words tifini elekra x written below them
bottle cap earrings | Bottle cap earrings, Bottle cap jewelry, Bottle cap crafts
an old fashioned photo in a wooden frame with a red string attached to the top
there is a doll in an old frame
Class Schedule
an open book with a little boy sitting on top of it and sheet music in the background
OOAK Altered Cigar Box
a wooden wall hanging with two white animals on it's sides and some trees in the background
Winterszenen im Rahmen (kreativ.kompakt.)
there are two small boxes with birds on them in the palm of someone's hand
Pretty Bird Matchboxes
Pretty Bird Matchboxes for Graphic 45 - Nichola Battilana
an altered picture frame with flowers and cards
Graphic 45 Design Team 2013 Audition
Rodriguez Designs: Graphic 45 Design Team 2013 Audition