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Alan Moyes
For those who need advice on chopping down trees from a cigarette card c. 1910

How to chop down a tree and stop a mad dog with a walking stick: The bizarre 'lifehacks' tips found on cigarette packets 100 years ago

The 'How To' series of cigarette cards published by Ogdens and Gallaher's in the 1910s gives advice on everything from chopping down a tree to fighting off a rabid dog with a Scout's staff.

Cedar Stump House, Washington

Vernacular Architecture Stump House Kind Two Views

Two Views (of a two room house with view!) Stump House of Washington. First pic a photo with dimensions (18 feet) and the other a Real ...

Girl posed in tree stump.


Girl posed in tree stump, early to mid-20th century. From the newly-acquired Florence Rickey George papers, Iowa Women’s Archives Oops – shoulder-deep in work this week, so we didn’t get around to...

todd roeth


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Phoebe Wahl


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Henning Wagenbreth

Henning Wagenbreth

Henning Wagenbreth is a graphic artist and provides worldwide illustration services.

Chista . ironwood trunk stool

Chista . ironwood trunk stool

Jonpaul Douglass, Pizza Stump

'Pizzas In The Wild' Will Bring Truth And Meaning To Your Life

Every once and a while an artistic endeavor is so bold, so courageous and so innovative we are left speechless in its wake. Today, that project is "Pizza...

Edwin Holgate, Nude by a Lake, c. 1933; National Gallery of Canada

The Blurst Of Times: Photo

"Rusted brandy in a diamond glass everything is made from dreams. Time is made from honey slow & sweet only the fools know what it means." "Don't torture yourself, Gomez. That's my job." Warning: May contain occasional nudity, usually...