Igloo made from plastic water bottles- this would make a great form of recycling and fun for a daycare type environment.  (as long as you find a way they won't get knocked down).  :D

Great idea for a 'Winter' Theme- Igloo made from plastic water bottles

Arctic play area. Love the hanging fish.

just blankets, some blocks, and odds and ends used to make a really cute little dramatic play area!

Polar Bear art using waxed paper overlays

Polar Bear collage using waxed paper overlays- polar bear polar bear book

Polar Bear Crown  Printable by PutACrownOnIt on Etsy

Create your own Polar Bear Crown! Print, cut & glue your polar bear crown together & adjust to fit anyones head!

Collage Noordpool voor kleuters, met werkbeschrijving 1, kleuteridee.nl

I would use a kid's portrait picture for the eskimo, though


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