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Pentacle representing the 5 elements of creation & its attributes. If you superimpose the Vitruvian figure over it, you see how it also represents the sacred geometry of the human body. Wicca Witchcraft, Magick, Baby Witch, Book Of Shadows, Signs, Man Figure, Witch Symbols, Celtic Symbols, Magic Symbols
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Pagan Virtues

As 'Pagan' is an umbrella term there are lots of different sets of virtues that Pagans value. This will largely depend on their tradition and influences and whilst you can see cross overs in some areas others appear wholly incompatible. What is a virtue? A virtue in this context is a quality considered morally good…

Top 3 Must See Events in the Near Future is part of drawings - Your guide to sky gazing for the rest of 2018 Alchemy, Esoteric Art, Occult Art, Mystique, Freemasonry, Sacred Art, Science Art, Memento Mori, Book Of Shadows
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Harmonic Tower. How we unconsciously worship cell towers.

The Mystery of Adam & Eva (El Misterio de Adan y Eva) por Daniel Martin Diaz Alchemy Art, Alchemy Symbols, Psychedelic Art, Esoteric Art, Ange Demon, Arte Obscura, Occult Art, Mystique, Freemasonry
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The pentacle or pentagram has a long history as a symbol used in alchemy and western occultism; it was adopted as a symbol in Wicca in c. Wicca Witchcraft, Magick, Wiccan Witch, Wiccan Books, Wiccan Art, Wiccan Jewelry, Medieval Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry, Book Of Shadows
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5 elements wicca

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A collection of our best Masonic articles that will teach you all you need to know about Freemasonry and Freemasons. Find out more about Freemasonry here. Occult Symbols, Occult Art, Ancient Symbols, Tarot, Arte Hippy, Alchemy Art, Esoteric Art, Ange Demon, Spiritus
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Magic Transistor

*ALQUIMIA VERDADERA: Siempre que, dentro del Matraz alquímico, haya un dragón alado que se muerde la cola, nos está mostrando la etapa del Negro avanzado, del Caos o la Prima Materia creada por el Alquimista. El dragón alado significa la Unión avanzada de las 2 Materias, fija y volátil, en una sola poderosa Substancia llamada AZOT, con la que haremos, paso a paso y con el Fuego Secreto, la Piedra Filosofal. AV

The frontispiece of Nicolaus Tscheer’s “True and Thorough Knowledge of the Great Secret of Godliness”, It shows the three principles, or worlds, according to Boehme: light, darkness and the visible world in which they clash. Occult Symbols, Masonic Symbols, Occult Art, La Santa Muerte Tattoo, Alchemy Art, Esoteric Art, Sacred Art, Religious Art, Sacred Geometry
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Magic Transistor

Nicolaus Tscheer. True and Thorough Knowledge of the Great Secret of Godliness. 1718.

Alchemyst inside an ancient turtle, which carries a tree with emblemata depicting stages of alchemical work. Occult Symbols, Occult Art, Occult Tattoo, Art And Illustration, Alchemy Art, Esoteric Art, Arte Obscura, Spiritus, Mystique

The Alchemyst

Alchemyst inside an ancient turtle, which carries a tree with emblemata depicting stages of alchemical work.

Sefer Raziel HaMalach - The Book Of Secrets - Esoteric Online. Luzzilice hexagon chart where are we going Alchemy Symbols, Magic Symbols, Ancient Symbols, Tarot, The Secret Book, The Book, Esoteric Art, Occult Art, Knowledge And Wisdom
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Árbol de las Vidas

The Mystical Heart Diagram of Paul Kaym --The Helleleuchtender Hertzens-Spiegel, Amsterdam and Gdansk, Heinrich is thought have been been compiled and edited by Paul Kaym from writings of Abraham von Franckenberg . The title page indicates t Johannes Tauler, Heart Diagram, Alchemy Art, Esoteric Art, Occult Art, Medieval Art, Renaissance Art, Gravure, Black Magic
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Johannes Tauler. Helleleuchtender Hertzens-Spiegel. 1705.

common time symbol at MHC Virtual Museum - My Hourglass Collection virtual museum about Time and Light, Space and Love Ancient Aliens, Ancient Art, Alchemy Art, Tarot, Esoteric Art, Masonic Symbols, Spiritus, Sacred Geometry, Paranormal
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Tabule Opus Magnum

danielmartindiaz: “‘Creation’ Images inspired by John Milton’s Paradise Lost. On exhibition this Sept at Mesa Arts Center. Spirit Science, Science Art, John Milton Paradise Lost, Lost Paradise, Sacred Geometry Symbols, Esoteric Art, Occult Art, E Mc2, Book Of Shadows
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‘Creation’ Images inspired by John Milton’s Paradise Lost. On exhibition this Sept 9th at Mesa Arts Center. Hope to see you there.

Alchemy: There are only 23 copies of the "Ripley" Scroll in existence. According to London’s Science Museum, “The scrolls are believed to be Century copies and variations of a lost, Century original.” An Alchemy artwork. Tarot, Alchemy Art, Alchemy Symbols, Esoteric Art, Religious Art, Alchemist, Ancient Art, Sacred Geometry, Mystic
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The Intelligencers and the Fifth Moon of Jupiter: Alchemy in the American Colonies

Puritan alchemists founded America; sounds like bad fiction but it's fact. As befits a young republic, the history of the earliest origins of American Metaphysical Religion amounts to a long list of extraordinary characters, daring experiments, and unlikely friendships. We'll meet alchemists who persecuted witches, alchemists who were governors, and several alchemists who served as…

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Magic symbols From Johann Daniel Mylius Opus Medico-Chymicum 1618 The Crow the Swan the Basilisk the Phoenix and the Dragon - all alchemical emblems Topham The Image Works Occult Symbols, Magic Symbols, Occult Art, Rose Croix, Alchemy Art, Esoteric Art, Mystique, Pentacle, Book Of Shadows
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mugwort vector designs more illuminati tattoos masonic tattoos . Illuminati Tattoo, Illuminati Conspiracy, Illuminati Symbols, Masonic Art, Masonic Symbols, Indian Symbols, Third Eye, Tattoo Ideas, Freemasonry


Sugerimos que cuando lea una nota de este blog (sea subida de otro sitio o escrita por nosotros) ponga en práctica el consejo de San Pab...

Andreas Friedrich - Emblemata Nova, First developed in the century, emblems consist of three parts: a symbolic picture (pictura) with a motto or title (inscriptio) and an explanatory poem or epigram (subscriptio). The purpose of the emblem. Occult Symbols, Masonic Symbols, Occult Art, Tarot, Memento Mori, Alchemy Art, Esoteric Art, Magnum Opus, Mystique

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