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Alexander Bijlsma

Alexander Bijlsma
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kymco k pipe 125

kymco k pipe 125 fotos y especificaciones técnicas, ref:

The HSGI (High Speed Gear Inc.) New & Improved Bleeder/Blowout Pouch is designed to hold essential / emergency medical items along w/ immediate access to medical shears & a REAL tourniquet. Medical shears are held securely by strap & snap. There is also a 2" wide QUICK-PULL strap along the inside of the pouch to aid in one-handed removal of contents. Pouch measures 3"x3"x7". IFAK, Emergency Medicine, Tactical Medicine. Adventurers. Preppers. Etc etc etc.

The HSGI Improved Bleeder/Blowout Pouch is designed to hold medical gear along…

Meret: PPE PROPack - theEMSstore

The Meret PPE ProPack is built to help you easily carry and deploy infection control precaution supplies during critical moments and save lives.