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an old man with glasses making a face while wearing a sweater and looking at the camera
black and white photograph of a smiling man with his hand on his chin, looking to the side
everyone is beautiful, and my self esteem hurts
crinkly eyes and a great smile...love it.
a man holding a baby on the beach with his face close to it's mouth
a man holding a dog in his hands while looking at the camera with an intense look on his face
Whole Lotta Hot
Men's Grooming, Ray Bans, Man, Mens Cuts, Moustache, Guys, Guy, Bart
a shirtless man with his hands in his pockets
Channing Tatum.. Oh God is good!
a man in a suit making a hush with his finger
Whole Lotta Hot
Wtf Channing. Way to just about give me a heart attack. My gahhh. Nom.
Nothing like Gerard Butler in a kilt! Men In Kilts, Real Man, Gorgeous Men
I love James Hetfield
Nothing like Gerard Butler in a kilt!
a man in a brown shirt is holding his hands together
Gerald Butler look at his eyes in this!...This man is so.......so....
a close up of a man with blue eyes
Tweet / Twitter
Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie
a man in a suit and tie sitting in a car
Gideon Cross - Bared to You..........um, I am not sure what to say here, I am tongue tied. :)
a man wearing glasses sitting on top of a black chair with his hand under his chin
Chris Pine. Holy smokes.