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46 Ideas For DIY Jewelry You'll Actually Want To Wear

A rope bracelet - reminds me of making friendship bracelets back in the day. My right second toe used to go numb because I'd hook the end of the bracelet over it, and then knot embroidery floss for HOURS.

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DIY Weave Bracelet 2 center strands with beads loaded on each separately. knot, slide up left bead, knot, slide up right bead.

35 Super makkelijke sieraden DIY’s die je meteen wilt maken | NSMBL.nl

DIY: criss cross bead bracelet, would be even better to do it with 22 shell casings!

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Jewelry DIY: Suede & Chain Woven Bracelet: Curb chain – about 7 inches or length of bracelet you need. I’m using mm matte gold chain. Suede lace – about 2 yards Bead with large hole (optional for finishing ends) Part 2 feet of cable chain, f

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